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1 Stop Maid Services is an online FDW agency that is singlehandledly managed by a freelance EA who is holding another full-time job. Due to the nature of our agency, all enquiries and procedures are made online through email. We are currently NOT bringing in any FDW from abroad and are ONLY assisting in the renewal and/or applications of FDW's work permits. However, our services does not include flying in the FDW from their home country, bringing FDW for medical, Settling in Programme, thumbprint appointment at MOM. You can easily do the above yourself. But we will gladly advice and guide you step by step on how to go about doing so. We also have FDW insurance and Philippines Embassy Bond available for purchase and can assist in POEA application in Philippines. If you are looking for an FDW, we can assist you to search for one but we cannot guarantee when we can find one for you as freelance agency like us are facing issues of bringing in FDWs through other supplier/recruiter as most do not supply biodatas to agencies like us. So it is better to approach other agencies if you are looking for one urgently.

We may be an online agency but do rest assure that this agency and our EA personnel are 100% certified by MOM and listed in MOM EA directory and we believe in 100% transparency & have no hidden cost. If you are not comfortable with our procedure and enquiry process, we do understand and you are free to approach other agencies for assistance. No obligations and we apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Sandy Low (EA Personnel Reg No: R1329314)
1 Stop Maid Services (EA Reg No: 13C6592)
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